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Education Investment Plan

Education Investment Plan is an investment product designed to
help parents save towards the secondary and university education
of their children. The schools under this investment plan are private
secondary schools and universities in Nigeria.

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Greenwich Kiddies Investment

Greenwich Kiddies Investment Club (G – Kiddies) is designed for
the children of the employees of the GTL Group and other large
companies and multinationals. The product is targeted at the
children of the employees between the ages of 0 – 11.

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GTL Investment Club

GTL Investment Club is a distinct thrift society created by GTL Trustees with a collective objective of growing the personal savings of the employees of companies while offering valuable investment advice.

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Multifamily Office Offering

Multifamily Office Services: This product comes with the
following features: Financial Planning, Investment (Management
Services, Life Management and Budgeting, Philanthropic
Management), Multifamily Office Services:

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Pastors and Ministers Retirement Plan

This product is targeted towards churches. With this product, churches can make retirement provisions for their pastors and ministers in the event of their departure.

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